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        An indicia is the permit imprinted on the mail piece, in the upper right
        corner, that denotes postage payment.

                                                PRSRT STD
                                               U.S. POSTAGE
                                                CHICAGO, IL
                                               PERMIT NO. 4076


        • A company permit is one in which the exact name of the company or individual holding
          the permit is shown in the indicia in place of the city, state, and permit number.
        • A return address is required on the mail piece if using a company permit that does not include
          the city and state.

        • Available at no additional cost.
        • We can use the customer’s permit.
        • We need to know the city and zip where the permit is held.
        • We need the CRID#. For non-profit, the CRID# and authorization# is required.


        • We can prepare and enter the mail in Chicago and then truck to another USPS.
        • Customers request this option because the postage is less expensive and usually delivers
        • The customer needs to be advised there is an additional charge to freight the pieces to the USPS.
        • We can show the savings in postage and the cost to freight it to the USPS so the customer
          knows what the savings will be.
        Mail that has an indicia cannot be dropped in the blue USPS collection boxes.

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