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        How many times will it be used?
        • One time use – Resident/Occupant (always changing/moves).
        • One time use – Names requested for mail recipient.
        • Multiple uses over one year – Business list.
        How does the customer want the mailing list generated?
        • The larger the list, the more expensive the list becomes.
          Examples: By age, gender, marital status, income, location and more.


        • Microsoft Excel is the preferred format (but not limited to).
        • All information must be in separate fields.

        ZIP CODE SORTING (for postal determination)
        • Mail pieces that are sorted to a specific 5-digit zip code are given a preferred postage rate.
        AADC (Automated Area Distribution Center)
        • Service area by 3-digit zip code prefix for automation rate letter-size mailings.
        • All remaining pieces are sent to Mixed AADC (this is mail that is sent to all parts of the country).
        ECR (Enhanced Carrier Route) or Saturation Mailing
        • The customer must supply their address file with the walk sequence/carrier route
          fields in order for them to receive ECR rates.
          Basic Carrier Route: 10 or more mail pieces for each carrier route.
          High Density Route: 125 or more mail pieces for each carrier route.
          High Density Plus Route: 300 or more mail pieces for each carrier route.
          Saturation Route: Mailing to at least 90% of the residential addresses within a carrier route.
        • Depending on the list provided, postal rates will vary depending on the zip code sorting or the list.


        • This is when the customer wants to produce all of the pieces up front and then mail them
          at different times. We cannot base the mailing on the total number of pieces. Each release
          will need to be quoted individually. Storage fees also apply.

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